Accessories are like small gears in a machine. Accessories may be the icing on the cake, but they can also cause failure. With 20 years of experience, HMI Audio Visual offers a wide range of reliable and high-quality accessories for music equipment. We can guarantee that all accessories provided are up to standard and delivered to you at a reasonable and low price.
The accessories category contains:
  • Battery
  • Cable Connectors - Neutrik, Others, Qi Xing, Roxtone, Seetronic, Voltech, Yongsheng, Neutrik
  • Cable Protector - Cable Ramp, Cable Roller
  • Cables - Audio Cable Splitter, Lapp Cable 
  • Flight Case & Accessories - Flight Case, Flightcase Accessories
  • Lens
  • Light Bulb
  • Lighting
  • Microphone Accessories - Microphone Cover, Microphone Foam, Microphone Head, Holder, Holder Bracket, Pop Filter, Ring Holder, ShockMount, Sound Card, Stand Adapter
  • Mobile phone accessories
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Plug
  • Rack & Accessories - Equipment Rack, Rack Drawer, RackMount Kit, Rack Side Wall, Rack Tray, Rack with Wheels
  • Soundproof Foam
  • Speaker Accessories - BGM Selector, Speaker Bracket / Wall Mount, Speaker Cover, Speaker Diaphragm, Speaker Driver, Speaker Holder, Speaker Patch Panel, Speaker Replacement Kit, Speaker Tweeter, Voice Coil, Zone Selector, Others
  • Stand and Accessories - DJ Stand, Guitar Stand, Keyboard Stand, Laptop Stand/Monitor Stand, LCD Floor Stand, Light Stand, Line Array Stand, Microphone Stand, Mobile Stage Stand, Music Stand, Projector Stand, Rack Stand, Seat, Speaker Stand, TV Stand
  • Vacuum Tube
  • Volume Control - Amperes, Flepcher, TOA
  • Wall Plates & Controller - Wall Controller, Wall Panel Socket
  • Workstation
  • Others
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